CCHS/CR Day/Night Fairs 

The registration deadline is Friday, August 20, 2021.  No registrations will be accepted after that date. 

Below is some additional information that will be helpful with your registration process. 

  • Please purchase a GoToCollegeFairs Scanner to use at the fairs this season. Every hosting high school, as well as the additional invited schools to each fair, will be briefed by our GoToCollegeFairs Representative and are highly encouraged to register their students for a GoToCollegeFairs barcode. Many counselors from different areas of the state have an interest in having their students create a barcode before attending the fair, so we would highly encourage you to purchase a GoToCollegeFairs Scanner.
  • We will be having an Admissions Rep Webinar on Wednesday, August 18th from 10-12 pm MT. If you'd like to be added to the invite, please email [email protected]. We will be reminding recruiters about CCHS/CR rules and regulations, COVID-19 accommodations and what to expect this year. Reps will also get to virtually meet the committee, so they are more familiar with them. 
    • Please note this meeting will have a capacity limit of 100 attendees. It will be recorded and sent out afterwards just so you are aware. If you able to, please only have one person from your office log into the event. I'd suggest making it a meeting and then connecting that computer to some type of projector so all in the office can watch.
  • We will also be having a separate meeting on Wednesday, August 18th from 1-2 pm MT for any new recruiters as a way for more seasoned individuals to share tips and tricks for how to survive travel season. If you'd like to be added to the invite, please email [email protected]
  • For the Virtual Fair Week which is slated for November 8th-11th we will be sending more information about that later in the season so keep an eye out for that. 


For Member Institutions there is no charge, but you are required to register for the events you'd like to attend.

For Non-Member and Proprietary institutions, fair costs are charged as a per fair rate so you can pick and choose which you'd like to attend and only be charged for those. Day/Night Fair attendance is limited to Institutions of Higher Learning that are regionally accredited.

Non-Members include, but are not limited to, out-of-state and technical colleges/universities. By CCHS/CR definition non-member schools are not-for-profit institutions whose main campus and/or corporate office is located outside the geographical boundaries of the state of Colorado and grant Associate level or higher degrees.

The Day/Night Fair Chair or the High School reserves the right to not allow attendance at a fair by an institution. 

2021 Day/Night Fair Schedule
Register for the 2021 CCHS/CR Day/Night Fairs